Zuma Beach in the Running for Temporary Skate Park Location

Malibu city staff recently met with representatives from L.A. County Beaches & Harbors, which manages Zuma Beach and its parking lots.

L.A. County Beaches & Harbors showed signs in a recent meeting with city representatives it is willing to consider the Zuma Beach parking lot as a temporary location for a skate park.

Malibu has been without a skate park since Papa Jack's closed in October 2011. The city has been looking for a temporary place for the skatepark.

City staff met with officials from L.A. County Beaches & Harbors last week about relocating the Papa Jack's ramps to the Zuma Beach parking lot, according to Bob Stallings, Malibu's Parks & Recreation director.

"Conceptually, everyone agrees this site has potential," Stallings said.

Another meeting is planned soon to flush out some of the details, he said.

Meanwhile, work is continuing on the design for a permanent home for the park. The council recently OKed a $38,000 contract to Santa Cruz-based Wormhoudt Inc. for design services for a permanent skate facility at Bluff's Park in Malibu.

Wormhoudt has designed more than 125 skateparks since 1974, according to a city staff report.

erik rondell November 25, 2012 at 05:55 AM
Here we are again.. Temp skate park ? Give me a break . Our young athletes deserve some kind of REAL place to ride. A place that they can call their own ! Zuma parking lot ? Oh yeah that's the answer. Santa Monica- 2 or more skate parks. Oxnard/ Ventura- 2 , maybe 3 ! What has this city become,? DUKES & The Roman Helmets band helped put on a MALIBU Skate Park Fundraiser , lot's of caring families where there. Local or not , Take care of the youth.. bottom line. Temp park,, NOT THE ANSWER. Zuma - bad thought. ( est. 1970 )
erik rondell November 25, 2012 at 06:38 AM
I've got it !!! Just build a ramp in your back yard.. that's how it all started anyway . No thanks needed.. "Always wear your helmet"
Terry November 25, 2012 at 03:14 PM
sorry but u cant build a ramp in your back yard. you would need a building permit and it would take 4 years to get one. it would be an accessory structure so you probably cant have a house on your property. oh no. no temporary structure without a permit. andy's idea about the lot at city hall is good. we dont need a city hall anyway. they couldnt even save the courthouse. there is an idea. we could have a skatepark at the old courthouse
Hans Laetz November 25, 2012 at 04:07 PM
Yes. The parking lot is preferable to modular buildings on the ridgetop. The new parking lot is the key to relocating parked cars from Morning View Drive, thus opening up MVD for parent drop-off. This is very important to the neighbors. If you had been in attendance or awake at the meetings, you would have learned this.
Hans Laetz November 25, 2012 at 04:21 PM
Great idea! I would support a neighborhood park at Trancas. And with a ballfield, too. The sound of kids having fun makes my day. I far prefer it to the whining from selfish NIMBY adults making infantile tit-for-tat arguments. I've been campaigning for years for the City of Malibu to build its first real new park somewhere near Trancas. This city has spent upwards of $35 million on new "parks" in the past 10 years and not one facility for school-age children has been added. Three "parks", no ballfields. Shameful.


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