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A collection of National Rifle Association websites and opinions, including some about mountain lions.

The Lion's Eye

NRA stands for the National Rifle Association. At one time it had to do with gun owners who were competitive marksmen. The idea was, as an organization, it would provide ranges and an opportunity for rifle marksmanship proficiency. Today the NRA has several other purposes. It is widely known as the nation's defender of the Second amendment. NRA officers and members are very opinionated about gun related issues and are very politically oriented. The idea of getting a duck license is not discussed much in the NRA world but the US Constitution is.

NRA activists are very interested in protecting things and believe that with guns, they can protect their families and their country and everything that they hold dear. I decided to find out very specifically what they hold dear and so I have made a collection of NRA members stated opinions, without any interpretation, embellishment or judgment on my part. Of course, I am interested in NRA opinions about mountain lions. So here is a brief collection of direct quotes and the websites I got them from. Take a look. By the way, if you have some direct quotes, please share them here. Just cut and paste like I did, no alteration of any kind is allowed. I very highly recommend visiting as many of the websites I listed as you can.

Check out the last two entries, they just happened.

Ex-California Fish and Game President Dan Richards   (Went to Idaho and shot a mountain lion AND ATE IT. He is a lifetime member of and a champion of the NRA)

“I'm glad it's legal. There's no chance I did anything wrong," Richards said. "I did everything by the book."

Richards said he ate (mountain lion) meat from the big cat after the hunting trip.   “It doesn't taste like chicken. It’s like a pork loin. It’s white meat and it’s really good," Richards said. “In frontier times, it was a delicacy.”

“This originates from the enviro-terrorists being threatened by me," Richards said in one of his first interviews since his mountain lion hunt enraged environmentalists. 

( Richard’s Letter to the California State Legislature

www.nrahuntersrights.org  The fact that Richards killed a mountain lion in Idaho in no way compromises his responsibility to the people of California. Nor did he thumb his nose at the people he represents.  Just because HSUS successfully duped California voters more than 20 years ago into thinking mountain lion hunting is wrong and inhumane does not mean Richards should be bound by HSUS dogma when hunting elsewhere.  (HSUS is the Humane Society of the United States)

WONEWS.COM  (Western Outdoor News) (Prop 117 forbids the hunting of mountain lions in California) One example of seismic-scale stupidity was Proposition 117, which banned hunting of mountain lions in 1990... Such measures serve only to advance an elitist-preservationist agenda,…. Make no mistake about it: the friends of the big kitty have blood on their hands.

Meetthenra.org  (visit it) National Rifle Association executive vice president Wayne LaPierre:

there is a "massive Obama conspiracy" to "lull gun owners to sleep" by not taking any action on reducing gun violence in order to win re-election and then carry out his plot to eliminate the Second Amendment (watch Mr. LaPeer’s videos on the website)


1. First, they stopped mountain lion hunting. Period. Now, ….

2. “Cogburn said using dogs allows the hunter to make better decisions when harvesting a bear,

3. Josh P. Brones, president of California Houndsmen for Conservation (CHC), described CEQA as a “monster,”  “Hunters are this nation’s foremost conservationists,” Brones noted

 4. I don't understand how America allows these aliens to enter the US and bring with them their customs and traditions and practice them no matter.

The (NRA) Voice of Freedom (nravoiceoffreedom.eventbrite.com )

Whenever our right to keep and bear arms is challenged by the press, you can count on NRA to answer their lies word for word. Whether we're wading through the stinking muck of New Orleans to document forcible firearm confiscation from law-abiding citizens, or walking the seediest sections of America's cities to prove how gun bans lead to an explosion of violent crime, we'll be there to tell the stories you'll NEVER hear from the anti-gun media.  

This is a culture war for the heart of the Second Amendment, our hunting and shooting traditions, and the soul of freedom. It is a war we must win to save American lives, and to save the American way of life.

Recognizing the critical nature of the upcoming elections, Kel-Tec CNC Industries, Inc. has donated $50,000 to the NRA’s Voice of Freedom programs.


It’s the best-selling type of rifle in America today, yet the gun prohibition lobbies want to make it a crime for you to own one.   (The AR-15 assault rifle) The AR-15 has become very popular with law-abiding citizens. There are more than 3 million of them in the hands of law-abiding American citizens.

Sandy Froman, NRA Board member  ( regarding the Humane Society)

 “I think a lot of hunters don’t really realize what a serious threat that the Humane Society of the United States is to our hunting rights and our shooting rights as well.”   We betray our country and Founding Fathers. Every gain we’ve made for the Second Amendment could be reversed unless we win this critical election

The Second Amendment is America’s original homeland security and you, my fellow NRA members, are at the heart of our national defense.

High Country News  (hnc.org)

Ever since the NRA convinced hunters that the organization protected their interests, it has taken money from hunters and funneled it into the coffers of politicians they could count on as dependable voters for gun rights.

(the NRA) 's misleading and inflammatory writings have created paranoia and suspicion among gun owners. This shameless fear-mongering, coupled with intense fund raising, has……

North Carolina Gun Owners

In order to collapse the US they need to infultrate. They have the White House and other political positions so now I guess they are going after the Military!

California Outdoor Heritage Alliance   (www.outdoorheritage.org)

In the last several years in California, there have been a number of high-profile poaching cases involving big game, including the illegal take of trophy mule deer from Yosemite National Park and the shooting and subsequent abandonment of two elk at Fort Hunter Liggett in Monterey County.

“The National Rifle Association and others in the gun lobby have for years employed inflammatory extremist and anti-government rhetoric that bears a chilly similarity to some of the language of hate groups followed by … dangerous extremists.”


Currently 12 of 29 Utah counties provide bounties to private individuals for coyote removal.

Hunters and trappers remove 8,000 coyotes annually from Utah landscapes in addition to coyotes removed by USDA Wildlife Services. 


This is intimidation and bully tactics, plain and simple — tactics effectively used by Tea Party and militia types to punish those who step out of line. Such zealots — a minority among gun owners — are themselves politicians with a lockstep agenda focused on guns.

Forum Forums  (Reaction to posting of  hunting pictures of Paul Ryan VP candidate)

may i request emphasis~ ur a lib, huh~ wow. this was non-political. ur not changin' ppl; kay~
now get 'dat deer. make jerky.
btw, since when was deer hunting pulled into political urgency~

Biggamehoundsmen.com (visit this site, it’s about hunting with hounds)


SB 1221
Mammals: use of dogs to pursue bears and bobcats.

This bill, except as specified, would generally make it unlawful to permit or allow a dog to pursue a bear, as defined, or bobcat at any time. The bill would exempt from that prohibition the use of dogs by federal, state, or local law enforcement officers, or their agents or employees, when carrying out official duties as required by law.

SACRAMENTO -- After six decades as the California Department of Fish and Game, the agency in charge of the state's wild animals has a new name -- one that has many hunting and fishing organizations leery.

Gov. Jerry Brown signed legislation recently replacing "Game" with "Wildlife," in a nod to environmentalists and animal-rights activists. Sporting groups fear the legislation signals a change in the department's traditional focus.

"Generally, that means a shift toward butterflies, endangered species and other stuff like that," said Mike Faw, spokesman for the U.S. Sportsmen's Alliance, an Ohio-based advocacy group that has seen similar efforts in other states.

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Interested Responder October 07, 2012 at 05:40 PM
It would seem to me that your latest blog covers at minimum two issues: 1) disdain for the NRA; and 2) hunters killing mountain lions. Trusting that mountain lions are a valuable part of the ecology in the areas in which they live, then it would appear that a very good argument could be made for their preservation and even legal protection. This is an area not covered by your current blog. If killing mountain lions is the central issue, and I would believe it is for you, then it would not matter if they were killed by cars on the I-405, by a bow and arrow marksman (arguably purely for sport), or by a rifle (probably sport, too, rather than seeking eradication of mountain lions, although this surely exists). Should cars, bows and arrows be outlawed along with firearms?
Robert Coutts October 07, 2012 at 06:52 PM
Interested Do you have any web sites that reveal more information about the NRA? I looked through a lot and could not find any old school sites.
Interested Responder October 08, 2012 at 04:57 PM
It would appear that this current piece is more a rant against the NRA and the possession of guns or rifles in general. Yes, among what the NRA does is seek protection of citizens rights to own guns and rifles, but the NRA does far, far more. Firearms are a part of society whether one likes it or not. I suggest that given this fact, people should to be educated about safest way to handle and care for firearms, whether one owns one or not. The NRA provides an extensive education program to make possession and use of firearms as safe as reasonably possible as well as promoting marksmanship. For example: “From beginner to developing competitor, the NRA Training Department develops safe, ethical, responsible shooters through a network of more than 65,000 instructors, more than 3,800 coaches, and more than 1,700 training counselors. NRA Training Counselors recruit and train instructors to teach NRA’s basic firearm courses. NRA Coaches, in turn, develop competitors at the club, high school, collegiate and national levels.” http://www.nrahq.org/education/
Interested Responder October 08, 2012 at 04:59 PM
Guns save human lives not just as you say “things.” For example: “Guns used 2.5 million times a year in self-defense. Law-abiding citizens use guns to defend themselves against criminals as many as 2.5 million times every year -- or about 6,850 times a day. This means that each year, firearms are used more than 80 times more often to protect the lives of honest citizens than to take lives.” [Footnotes omitted. For footnotes and numerous other positive aspects of firearms, go to: http://gunowners.org/sk0802.htm
Robert Coutts October 08, 2012 at 07:26 PM
Interested Thanks for finding the websites and thanks for your point of view.


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