From Malibu to Nairobi: Students Send Hope Across Ocean

Malibu High School students are serving homeless children in Kenya.

Students and parents from Malibu High School and the University Church of Christ youth group will travel to Nairobi to work with homeless children later this month.

The trip is set for June 21 and is organized by the Nashville nonprofit Made in the Streets, which requires children to make their own decisions about joining the program and they can leave at any time, according to Dusty Breeding, a youth minister at .

Students in the program are able to choose from over eight different skills programs, including woodworking, catering,masonry, computers, and hair dressing, Breeding said.

Dusty and his wife Cecily first became connected with the organization six years ago and have returned to Kenya over a dozen times.

“Once you see these kids living in the slums and sleeping on the streets, your life can never really be the same,” Dusty said. “This will be a life changing experience for our team, as they meet young people their age living on the streets. They have nothing, yet they are happy. That’s takes some processing to comprehend.” 

The team has spent the past six months preparing for the trip. While at MITS, they will run a nightly activity time, as well as a soccer camp and tournament.   

For more information about MITS or to sponsor a former street child, visit www.madeinthestreets.org.


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