PHOTOS: Malibu Students Celebrate Science

More than 300 students and parents take part in Science Night, complete with chemistry demonstrations and other breakout sessions.

Malibu Middle School students in grades 4-8 and their parents took part Wednesday in the second annual Family Science Night.

Over 300 people attended the event which began with a chemistry demonstration show in the gym by Pepperdine chemistry professor Dr. David Green, followed by breakout sessions in various classrooms.

Pepperdine faculty and science majors were assisted by high school science students in providing hands-on experiments and activities in chemistry, physics, biology, and nutritional science for the middle school and elementary school students. 

The event was organized by Dr. Donna Nofziger Plank, biology professor at Pepperdine, and seventh grade science teacher Elisabeth Flohr, with the support of Vice Principal Wendy Wax Gellis.

The breakout sessions were:
Chemistry Session - "Bouncy, Slimy, Wonderful Polymers"                              Have fun making all sorts of polymers and learning the chemistry behind formation of polymers

Biology Session I - "Adapt or Get Trapped:  The Game of Life"                   Come learn about animals, adaptation and natural selection – Kids were exposed to poison dart frogs, snakes and other critters. Also played "The Hunger Games", a game based on the principles of natural selection

Biology Session II - "Journey to the Center of the Cell"                    
Experience how cells function and what really is a cell organelle – Kids acted as various molecules being transported through the various organelles of the cell. 

Nutritional Science Session - "Did that Really Start in My Mouth? Aka Stool Wars"    
Experience the steps of digestion and see how food travels

 Physics Session I - "You Light Up My Life!"                                          
The fascinating world of lasers, lenses and mirrors – organized and led by Malibu High School Students and the Malibu High Lab Technician Mike (not sure about his last name)      

Physics Session II - Wired Up!                                                   
Electricity and the Human Nervous System


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