Our Becoming in 2013 - What is in the human heart? A new exhibit at MLY explores the myth

A new exhibit & events at Malibu Lumber Yard Gallery: " Vision 2013, Our Becoming... " explores the myth of "Homo Luminous" a kinder & gentler, & more compassionate being, evolving in the new era.

The evolution of man has always fascinated scholars, philosophers, leaders and the ordinary man. From the Mayans to Nostradamus, ancient scriptures and cultures have always foretold of the changes to come in a new era...

We as human beings, have always been aware of a potential creative power hidden within all of us- Many have succeded in unleashing that power to benefit themselves and mankind. Others have misused that power- In short when we discover our own power and use it responsibly, we also realize that each of us can fullfill our greatest dreams.

As I watch the inaugeration ceremony, I feel that potential within our people to rewrite history - Living with tolerance and understanding, co existinance & helping one another at the time of plenty as well as crisis, environmental conservation and protection, all substantial elements of current national  and international political agendas, has rendered the social revolutions as well as the green revolution to an adamant state. Nevertheless, the road to sustainable living has yet to reveal a social understanding of what artist Mary Wright, who recently exhibited at the MLY gallery calls “the interconnection of all life, including the human world”.

 In order for humankind to display genuine care for its' natural surroundings, it must be conscious that it, like everything else in nature, is a part of the “circle” and that if we are all to live harmoniously together in this circle, we must treat each other and the planet with infinite respect. 

 Malibu as a city with exceptional natural beauty, inspires us all by its breathtaking beauty, as we live and work in its' organic splendor.

MLY Gallery is proud to present its newest exhibit,‘Vision 2013- Our Becoming’ A collaborative exhibition of works by a remarkably diverse group of artists and visionaries celebrating the birth of the new humankind: ‘Homo Luminous’, as foretold by ancient prophecies, who is said to evolve in this new era.

As my teacher Alberto Villoldo puts it: " No one knows what 2013 and beyond will bring to us individually or as a planet. Expectations range from the end of humanity to the dawn of a new golden age. Whatever awaits us, it is safe to predict that those who have done the inner work to bring forth the best in themselves will be able to meet the upcoming challenges and opportunities with wisdom, equanimity – and grace."

...The EarthKeepers of indigenous cultures believe that this is the time we have been waiting for, to dream a new reality, personally and collectively. And to wake up from the nightmare of history."

The exhibit, various talks, poetry readings, events and presentations will run from February to mid March, with an Opening reception on February 2nd, at the Malibu Lumber Yard. 3939 Cross Creek Rd., Malibu.

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