Alessandra DeClario
A native of New York City, Alessandra DeClario was lured to California as a teen by the Mamas and the Papas, and the Beach Boys.  Arriving in Malibu in 1969, she enjoyed the surf at Pt. Dume, had the time to sit at the Crazy Horse, and drank coffee at the Colony Coffee Shop.  Then the reality of finishing her education and launching her career, transported her to Venice, California.  Deciding to semi-retire,  she launched herself back to Malibu and has  been a Malibu resident for nearly two decades.
Her art career began at age 6 when she painted watercolors of flowers.  DeClario has a wide range of artistic talents, including experience with painting, photography and film. DeClario is the president of the Malibu Arts Association, is a member of the Arts Task Force, and is involved in community activism. Intertwining both her art and psychology education, DeClario was able to use her art to help with productivity in the aerospace industry.  She has a doctorate in humanistic psychology with an emphasis in transpersonal and is currently involved with UCLArts and Healing - part of the UCLA Collaborative Centers for Intergrative Medicine. check out: www.illuminatingrealities.com
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