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Four years’ service in the US Navy as a landing craft officer during WWII, three in the Pacific, aboard a ship equipped to carry landing craft (Higgins Boats).
My job was to land assault troops on the beaches of Japanese island strongholds, six altogether: Tarawa, Kwajelein, New Guinea, Guam, Iwo Jima, The Philippines.. Producer/writer of a documentary film, “Return to Tarawa-the Leon Cooper Story,” being shown on Hulu , SnagFilms and other outlets. I’m featured in the documentary sequel to my film, “Until They Are Home,” being considered by HBO and other outlets. I’m the published author of three books about the Pacific War.I had “returned” to Tarawa many years after the battle in order to investigate reports about the remains of “Missing in Action” Americans still there. My film revealed that the remains of possibly hundreds of Americans, including the recipient (posthumous) of a Congressional Medal of Honor, still lie where they fell in unmarked graves all over the tiny island where the battle of “Bloody Tarawa” was fought in November, 1943. My film, along with the efforts of others, prompted the Department of Defense to send a discovery team to Tarawa to investigate my claims. They were able to find some and are at work identifying these remains. CEO and CFO of major corporations. During a ten-year period, my marketing organization sold my patented products throughout the world. Have just published, “The Patent Jungle—The Inventor’s Friendly User Guide.” www.patentjungle.net. Degrees from Big Ten Schools. I’m the president of a 501 (3) c non-profit corporation, MIA-You Are Forgotten (www.miasyouareforgotten.net) seeking funds in order to produce a film series about the tens of thousands of WWII MIAs, still lying where they fell in ancient battlefields all over the Pacific. My objective, as in the Tarawa film, is to cause the Department of Defense to accelerate the recovery of these honored dead. A widower and father of five children, I live in Malibu, California leoncooper@verizon.net 310-457-2832
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