Sue-Carol Desfor
Why consign or buy pre-owned items?   People pay for  storage units and  no longer  know what's in them.  People move or remodel,  trash usable items or pay to remove them.  People  pay retail for new items when they can  purchase  pre-owned,  quality merchandise at at least one-half the cost.  Or, discover a unique piece consigned on the internet.  With that, Malibu Consignment, an internet based consignment company was born in 2007. 
There are options.  Flea markets are venues to buy or sell.  You can recycle and donate. Or, you can consign.  When you consign or purchase consigned items, you're doing you part to keep our planet green and promote the maximum practical benefits from your items.  People create  living and office space to reflect their lifestyle.  Sometimes they grow out of what they have or it gets worn out.  Consignment is a good option to donating or putting it in a landfill.  The U.S. EPA reported furniture accounts for 8.8 million tons, or 3.6 percent of our waste stream in 2005 (quadruple the tonnage in 1960). Consigning  furniture or usable appliances and buying new pre-owned pieces when we crave a new look lets us opt out of the energy-intensive furniture supply chain.   Recyle through reuse - Consign with Malibu Consignment and earn money for your discards.  Call 310-210-7422 or visit Malibuconsignment.net I look forward to speaking with you
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