Malibu Township Council Turns 65

The Malibu Township Council functions as a government watchdog and ombudsman at the city, county and state levels.

In May 1946,  conducted a survey that discovered the main need of the community was to have one property owners association covering all of Malibu. Many people felt that the formation of a central community improvement and betterment association that addressed the problems involving property owners throughout the entire Malibu shoreline and mountain area would be the best way to tackle the various problems facing each area.

The first master property owners group, the Malibu Township Council, was established in 1933. However, there were not enough people in the community to support it, so it ultimately died. But there was always sentiment for re-establishing a master property owners association. The new Malibu Township Council (adopting the name of the defunct organization) was officially born Jan. 2, 1947. The number of members quickly rose to 500, and it soon became the dominant organization in Malibu's civic and political affairs.

The Articles of Incorporation state, "Established to promote, stimulate, and further a community spirit, and to sponsor any project of merit that may be of benefit to any district of Malibu Township, or to Malibu Township as a whole; to foster and promote the cultural development of said Malibu Township; and in general to do all things that tend to up build and uphold its character as a residential area."  

A few of the issues that the Malibu Township has affected are:

  • Joined other groups in successfully opposing a proposed nuclear reactor at Corral Canyon and a proposed liquefied natural gas terminal site off Ventura County
  • Prevented a Caltrans freeway along the Malibu coast
  • Prevented onshore and offshore oil drilling along the Malibu coast
  • Opposed on the  property in Malibu
  • Opposed the 
  • Supported 
  • Successfully opposed to be built under the unstable Pacific Coast Highway
  • Opposed high-density residential and inappropriate commercial developments that would have overburdened our highway and service infrastructure

The MTC functions as a government watchdog and ombudsman at the city, county and state levels. Although funded solely by membership dues and donations, the MTC is always ready to provide support to local residents who request help.

As has been true for the past 65 years, Malibu faces continuing challenges to maintain its beauty and preserve the way of life that attracts people to live here. Many people thought that once Malibu became a city, we could relax and it would no longer be necessary to be vigilant in protecting the values that were the impetus for cityhood. However, experience as a city has proven that no matter what form local government takes, residents must be knowledgeable and active participants to achieve their goals.

Some of the issues that the community and the MTC, as a resident organization, will need to address in the near future are:

  • State prohibition of septic systems in the Civic Center Area and the city's sewer project
  • Rezoning sites to high density to provide for low-income housing units
  • Supporting non-damage to the natural environment of the Malibu Lagoon and no destruction of fish and animals currently inhabiting the site
  • The Coastal Conservancy's continuing pressure to allow overnight trail camping

The MTC sponsors public forums on topics of interest to the community such as . These forums will be starting soon.

The MTC serves the greater Malibu area—both within and outside the city. It is the only community organization that provides representation by district, so the MTC members from every geographical area of Malibu elect their own representative to serve on the MTC Board of Directors. Any resident or landowner is eligible to join and participate in achieving the goals of the organization. 

This is the time to join the MTC and get your issues solved! The organization is planning a "mixer"—mixing the different neighborhoods of Malibu to share concerns and solutions. Email us at malibutownshipcouncil@earthlink.net if you are interested in attending.

The MTC's next Board Meeting is this Wednesday from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m. in the Zuma Room at , which is located at 23825 Stuart Ranch Road. The meeting is open to the public.  

For more information on the MTC, go to www.malibutownshipcouncil.org.

peter fleming April 20, 2013 at 04:25 AM
Please advise your next meeting. I'd like to know more. Malibu will always need a iquisitive, ombudsman group in Malibu. Please call 310 456 6666 Peter Fleming Nourmand & Associates member Malibu Assoc of Realtors


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